What do we do?

We offer distraction therapy to children and teens with serious illnesses and other special needs–along with their families–to fill their days and nights with fun, family-friendly activities such as music, performing arts, arts and crafts, and other indoor and outdoor experiences where are they can make memories and forget about the challenges of their treatment. What child doesn’t enjoy outdoor games with friends and family? Who doesn’t love the out-of-doors, fishing in the pond, riding a horse, watching a movie, and playing video games with their friends?

For parents we will expand our current ministry of support and encouragement to include grief counseling, marriage counseling, financial counseling, support groups, prayer groups and Bible studies, and parents-only fun activities.

Nothing else like Harrison’s House exists in the Triangle.

Why does happiness matter?

Studies show that children and teens who experience activities associated with happiness and normalcy respond significantly better to their medical treatment than those who do not. This is why hospitals offer teen rooms, playrooms, video game rooms, and child-life therapy programs for hospitalized children. The problem is most kids with a serious medical condition are not hospitalized for the duration of that treatments. Harrison’s House is on the cutting edge of child-life therapy.

How are we unique?

Children with serious medical conditions have some options for short-term trips and activities. Wish-granting organizations are an important part of memory-making for children. But the need is greater than a trip to Disney World, as important as that trip is. Overnight camps are incredibly memorable experiences for children. But there is no place where sick children and their entire family can get away to experience the freedom our retreat center will offer. Rather than a one-time trip or child-only camp, our experiences will benefit the entire family for days, months, and years to come. Children will continue to enjoy our experiences during their treatment, and will have an outlet to help others once their treatment is over. Treatment may cure the disease, but only cutting edge therapy will heal the soul. Families can experience the love of God while they live through the pain of treatment.

We are a Christian ministry making a difference in our community by investing in the life of one child, one teen, one sibling, one parent, one family at a time. We may not be able to give a child more days in their life, but we can help them experience more life in the days they have. By investing in Harrison’s House you, your family, your business will make an immediate difference in the lives of children and teens who need it most.

Who do we serve?

We will offer distraction therapy for children and teens with a variety of medical conditions and special needs. We also offer programs for their parents and siblings.

When a child is affected, the entire family is affected.

Some of the medical conditions we consider ourselves able to serve include:

– Cancer
– Cystic Fibrosis
– Down’s Syndrome
– Genetic Disorders
– Sickle Cell Anemia
– Autism

How can you help?

If you want to know more about ways to be involved in Harrison's House, just let us know. Someone will contact you shortly. Thanks!

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